Staff outsourcing or local recruitment

Staff outsourcing or local recruitment

Once you have decided to expand your business by branching out overseas, you find yourself faced with a great many questions. One of these is: who is going to conduct the international activities for you? Will you send staff from your Dutch business overseas (outsourcing), or are you planning to recruit staff locally? What factors play a role in this? And what is the best option for you? Factors such as trust and reliability, qualification and costs will naturally play a big part in your decision. But also legislation and regulations around cross-border employment.

Cross-border employment has consequences, both for employer and employee. International labour mobility is a complex issue. An employer will likely have to take action in four legal areas, namely:

  • labour migration law,
  • social security law,
  • employment law and labour conditions,
  • fiscal law and pensions.

The rights and obligations are dependent on the duration and the objective of the deployment. We have all the expertise in house (fiscal, legal and employer matters) and will gladly explain the issues to you. We will look to see which regulations apply to your specific situation. And we will assist you throughout the entire process.

If it concerns cross-border employment with recruitment of staff from within the other country, our Kreston partner can advise you on all the aspects that are applicable to your situation.