Accelerated growth through acquisition

Accelerated growth through acquisition

Would you like to start your international business activities through collaboration with another company? This can be done via merger or acquisition. What do you need to do? If you are considering a merger or take-over, it is wise to seek the right advice. Our advisers are ready to guide you through a number of important steps, such as:

  • Drawing up a merger proposal (to include the legal form, name and location of the parties and the proposed composition of the new management board).
  • Recording the merger proposal in the Trade Register. In some cases you are also required to submit annual accounts and annual reports. This depends on the legal form of your company.
  • Having the merger proposal validated by a notary.

The overseas Kreston partner can play an important role in the following situations (among others):

  • Helpen bij het vinden van geschikte overnamekandidaten.
  • Begeleiding van de overname en/of samenwerking in het buitenland. Dat kan van groot belang zijn vanwege zijn/haar kennis van lokale gebruiken.
  • Een belangrijke rol spelen in het doen van het due diligence onderzoek.

This is the added value of a partner overseas.