The services of Kreston Nederland

How does our Kreston membership benefit you?

The easy access to our international partners enables us to offer exceptional support and guidance for your company in realizing its international ambitions.  If you wish, we will maintain the steering role and take some of the load off your shoulders in the process of realizing your international ambitions. The international collaboration occurs in the areas of:


Are you seeking an experienced partner to take care of the statutory or voluntary audit? A partner that can also conduct a joint audit of international branch organizations? Then look no further.

The six firms affiliated with Kreston Nederland all have a qualified team of chartered accountants and accountants ready to assist you. They will ensure that your (statutory) audit is properly conducted and that you verifiably satisfy the audit requirement. We will ask you questions, so that together we can gain valuable insights. Insights around issues that you may never have thought of before.


As soon as your business operations cross the border into another country, tax issues become rather more complex. We’re happy to help you! We know the overseas fiscal legislation, we can identify developments and changes, and are up to date with the opportunities that the fiscal legislation can offer. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you, so you can profit optimally from your business abroad.

VAT can be an important factor in your national and international activities. Submitting declarations in a different country, registering for VAT and making payments require specialist knowledge. It is vitally important to keep this knowledge up to date in order to be able to respond to the dynamics of national and international rules and laws. Our experts possess this VAT expertise and can help you with:

  • Advice about national and international facets.
  • Supervision of account audits and claims and appeal procedures.
  • Assessing your VAT declarations.
  • Composing VAT declarations, plus intra-community deliveries and reports to the CBS.
  • Carrying out VAT registration
  • Submitting requests from businesses overseas for reimbursement in the Netherlands.
  • Submitting requests from Dutch businesses for reimbursement overseas.
  • Carrying out VAT quick scans.
  • Acting as general fiscal representative.
  • Applying for VAT concessions.

Corporate Finance

By corporate finance activities we mean providing advice and support to entrepreneurs and stakeholders in complex situations such as:

  • business valuations, equity interests and economic claims;
  • company acquisitions and mergers;
  • share holder conflicts;
  • re-launch scenarios;
  • finding investors and/or financiers;
  • preparation for sale in the fiscal, legal and financial areas.

Our experienced advisers can help you with any of these issues.

When these situations take place in a cross-border context, a number of extra factors come into play such as knowledge of the climate, politics and culture. How does the communication work? Then the Kreston network has the answer. With the Kreston network you can easily consult a strong and reliable advisor locally. We retain the steering role, they have specific knowledge of the country. Whatever path you follow, experienced advisers are crucial for you to get the most from your international business activities.


Kreston Nederland is een onderdeel van Kreston International.