Need for a Dutch and English trusted advisor

Need for a Dutch and English trusted advisor

Waterpik International, Inc. (“WPII or the Company”) a wholly owned subsidiary of (Water Pik, Inc. (“WPI”). WPII’s European branches provide sales support to WPI who sells Oral Health products in Europe.

WPII currently has two branches in Europe, one in the United Kingdom and one in Holland. WPII’s branches provide local sales support to its, parent, WPI. WPI engages in world-wide sales of consumer products and is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing personal healthcare products, including showerheads, and consumer and professional oral healthcare products. WPI’s ongoing focus on innovative new product introductions has enabled it to see reasonable annual growth in many European markets. In addition, WPI sells a variety of professional oral care products to the dental community in Europe.

The Company’ s choice of Kreston UK and Bentacera in the Netherlands
It is clear that WPII needed a trusted Dutch and UK tax advisor and accountant to do its tax, legal and accounting work in the Netherlands and the UK. Kreston Reeves in the UK and Bentacera in the Netherlands are privileged to have WPII as their client.

The Company’s expectation regarding Kreston’s level of services
WPII expects Kreston’s members in the UK and the Netherlands to be outstanding partners for all their tax and accounting needs who are committed to providing them a wide range of excellent services.

Name of Dutch Tax Advisor and Accountant: Bentacera Drachten, Jelle R. Bakker