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Kreston Global has the right people with the right skills and expertise on the right spot. Our goal is to help entrepeneurs achieve their objectives. We build – and believe in – a strong and durable relationship.

Doing Business in the Netherlands 2023

Pfd Doing Business in the Netherlands 2023

Kreston Netherlands welcomes two new firms!

Together with Qwintess and Van Velzen, we join forces and continue to enlarge the Kreston NL network. With the new firms, Kreston NL now has over 650 employees who are ready to help you every day. At each of these firms, by the way, there is room for everyone who wants to be the most important sparring partner of any SME entrepreneur.

About Van Velzen (Warmond):
Pleasant, in decisiveness and service. That is what Van Velzen accountants & adviseurs stands for. With an efficient working method, clear view on accountancy, up-to-date knowledge of tax matters and a carefully built network, Van Velzen assists its clients in all financial areas.



About Qwintess (Noordwijk):
Qwintess wants to move forward: With an ambitious team of tax and accountancy experts, they are on their way to tomorrow every day. To ensure progress, Qwintess wants to be the breeding ground for young talent in the region.

With this expansion, we are ensuring future-proof coverage of our network throughout the country. If you are looking for a firm where quality is guaranteed, we are always nearby for you as an entrepreneur or professional!

Both offices were visited by Gooitzen Boonstra (Chairman Kreston NL) and Martin Hommersom (Director of Kreston Global) and were surprised with a tasty cake to celebrate the start of a good cooperation. At Qwintess Niels van Nieuw Amerongen, Kreston NL professor of SME Accountancy at Nyenrode was also present.

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The firms of Kreston NL are part of a strong and well distributed network, but keep their local character.

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To keep our teams updated and stimulate personal development of our team members, we organize courses and educate them within the Kreston network.

Nine advice and accounting firms, we act together as Kreston Netherlands

We stand by your side with all our knowledge and expertise.

A•D accountants adviseurs

Parkweg 25
6212 XN Maastricht

Bentacera B.V.

Van der Nootstraat 2
8913 HV Leeuwarden

De Beer

Tivolistraat 6
5017 HP Tilburg

Grip Accountants en Adviseurs | Kreston Grip

Visserlaan 3
6921 WZ Duiven

Kreston Lentink Audit

Huizermaatweg 460
1276 LM Huizen

Kreston Van Herwijnen

Stephensonstraat 19
4004 JA Tiel

Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Adviseurs

Stephensonstraat 33
3846 AK Harderwijk


Jonckerweg 10
2201 DZ Noordwijk

Van Velzen Accountants en Adviseurs

Wasbeeklaan 3
2361 HG Warmond

Kreston Chair “SME Accountancy” at Nyenrode Business University

We are proud as Kreston Netherlands of “our” chair in SME Accountancy at the Business University Nyenrode and professor Niels van Nieuw Amerongen, who will fill this chair. It is the time to ensure that SME Accountancy gets the scientific attention it deserves.

This chair is fitting Niels like a glove. He has been active for many years at V&A in the field of both technical support of accountancy firms and with regard to behaviour and culture in order to improve their quality. Therefore, he knows better than anyone what is going on in the field and has an extensive professional network.

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What does the Kreston chair embody?

Niels has made academic contributions to various international publications in the field of SME Accountancy. He has also, together with our Kreston colleague Tjitse Schurer, participated in international “round table” sessions. These round tables, organised by IAAER and IAASB, brought together international accounting practitioners, academics and users of financial statements of SMEs to exchange views on the developed draft “Less Complex Entities Control Standard”.

The tension between control and advice, which is a serious point of attention for the SME accountant, will certainly also be discussed. Niels refers to the well-known American professor Robert Knechel, whose opinion is that good cooperation between accountant and client is necessary in order to provide high-quality services. The closer the relationship between accountant and client, the more

added value the client experiences from the accountant. Moreover, many SMEs also appreciate the accountant’s broad expertise (audit and advice) so that they receive services from a single point of contact.

With this chair we also expect to realise benefits in terms of approaching the job market. How do you get the right people on board when the demand is so much greater than the supply? For large companies, the emphasis is on auditing, while the auditor in SMEs can offer so much more! In short, Kreston Netherlands and Niels van Nieuw Amerongen have a lot to do in the coming years “Think big, dream big, then beautiful things will happen”. We will gladly keep you informed of the news through this site and our social channels.

Want to know more?

You can find Niels’ last publication here:

Reflections on the relationship accountant and client, inaugural lecture, June 9th 2022